What is a bluetooth module and why it can be widely used ?

- Jul 18, 2019-

What is a bluetooth module ?

Bluetooth module it is widely used in the bluetooth device .Any device that with bluetooth ,it may need a bluetooth module .

Bluetooth module mainly devided into serial port passthrough module and audio module .

Bluetooth module can widely used in many application .

1.Serial port passthrough application :

Bluetooth Printer ,barcode scanner ,wearable device ,sensor products,automotive electronics systems,medic device and so on.Any device that use bluetooth as data transmission.

2.Audio application:

Bluetooth speaker ,bluetooth earphone (headset),high quality audio system aptx ,audio transmitter ,audio receiver ext.

Bluetooth is widely used in above application ,it is most beacuse it is low power consumption ,recetnly ble bluetooth low energy has become more and more popular .It also because it can easy to use via cellphone .Users just need an app install to the cellphone ,then can easy to use bluetooth for data and audio transmission .

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