What is a voice chip for security alarm

- Sep 14, 2019-

  What is a voice chip?

  Voice chip definition: the voice signal is converted into a number by sampling, stored in the IC's ROM, and then the number in the ROM is restored to a voice signal through a circuit. According to the voice chip output mode is divided into two categories, one is THE PWM output mode, one is the DAC output mode, the PWM output volume is not continuously adjustable, can not be connected to the ordinary amplifier, most of the voice chip on the market is PWM output mode.

  The other is the DAC by the internal EQ amplification, the voice chip sound continuously adjustable, digital control adjustment, can be external amplifier.

  The normal voice chip sounding function is essentially a DAC process, and the ADC process data is done by the computer, including the sampling, compression, EQ and so on of the voice signal.

  The recording chip includes the ADC and DAC process, which are done by the chip itself, including the steps of collecting, analyzing, compressing, storing and playing voice data. Due to the continuous upgrading and rapid development of speech chip speech recognition and processing technology, the product has been favored and loved by computer and automatic control and other fields. And with the continuous development of embedded speech recognition technology, the accuracy of voice recognition of speech is also increasing, the user's experience is getting better and better.

  So, what are the specific applications of voice chips?

  First, security alarm

  Voice chip in the security alarm this aspect has a wide range of applications, such as our common reversing radar, forklift alarm, home anti-theft, access control system, etc. , are the use of voice chip as the main device to issue an alarm, can be alerted at the same time warning sound, attract the attention of people around and remind people to deal with the alarm as soon as possible;

  Medical devices Now in many medical devices we can also see the presence of voice chips, especially in the amblyopia treatment instrument, blood pressure meter, ozone treatment instrument, blood glucose meter and other instruments, the use of speech chip is very high, at present, many medical devices for the elderly will be equipped with this voice chip,

  The measurement results can be communicated to elderly friends by voice;

  Advertising media In many shopping malls and stores can often hear the welcome to see such a voice welcome words, this is actually the use of voice chip effect, common voice billboards, mirror advertising machines, greeters, advertising, etc. are built-in voice chip this device, can let the billboard can not speak fluent advertising,

  In particular, the appearance of the welcome device has become an effective way to replace the welcome etiquette personnel;

  Voice teaching Software voice chip is often used in the field of education in speech teaching software, because it has the speech recognition technology to help the user's language practice.

  And now many language teaching software on the market through the application of voice chip, breaking through the traditional language learning mode can not accurately compare the limitations of pronunciation differences, only need the user to say a word to the teaching software, the software can accurately analyze the difference between the user's pronunciation and standard pronunciation, very conducive to the user's learning.

  V. Children's toys

  For example, cars, dolls and other products, can make toys to send happy songs can also make toys become talking playmates, voice chips are now also used in transport, common voice electric vehicles, voice bus stations, etc., the future range of voice chip will be more extensive.

  Six, telephone inquiries Having speech recognition technology is a feature of speech chip, and another branch of development of this technology is telephone speech recognition technology. As a result, voice chips are often used in telephone queries. In addition, the voice chip can also enable automatic wiring and some specialized business such as travel information operations.

  And now the market telephone query system is doing very well, with the help of voice chip, the computer system at the other end of the phone can process information from the queryer and make corresponding responses, such as query weather information, company-specific employee phone numbers. These applications are not all of the applications of the voice chip, in addition to which it has a very bright performance in other applications.

It is then recommended that users choose the right voice chip when selecting products, so as to ensure the experience of use and feel its true value.

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