what is a2dp-advanceds audio profile bluetooth

- Sep 14, 2019-

The full name of the A2DP is the Advanced Audio Profile Bluetooth Audio Transfer Model Contract.

The A2DP is the ability to stack data using a chip in the headset to achieve high resolution of the sound. However, the A2DP-enabled headset is a Bluetooth stereo headset, the basic requirement for stereo implementation is two channels, so mono Bluetooth headset is not able to achieve stereo. The sound can reach 44.1kHz, and the average headset can only reach 8kHz. If your phone supports Bluetooth, you can use the A2DP headset as long as you load the A2DP protocol. 

Application 1:

Bluetooth Stereo Headphones + Mobile Phones

In addition to the general voice call function, the biggest feature is that you can directly through the Bluetooth stereo headset to listen to the sound played in the phone

Application 2:

Bluetooth Stereo Headphones + Computers

After the launch of the Bluetooth stereo headset, in addition to skype calls, you can also use headphones to listen to music on your computer

Application 3:

Bluetooth Stereo Headphones + audio player(iPOD/MP3)

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