What is bluetooth module OTA (Upgrade over-the-air)

- Jul 18, 2019-

OTA:Upgrade -Over-The-Air

When your bluetooth device have update new firmwar recently .And you want load the new firmware on the bluetooth module,then you can use OTA,upgrade the new firmware to the bluetooth module over the air .

Most of feasycom bluetooth module support OTA:Upgrade -Over-The-Air,this is a important features of feasycom bluetooth module.

You may know that most of market standard module may only support update firmware via DFU (you may have to use usb to update the firmware).Some may support update via serial port.

However these update process are have little limitation.

The bluetooth module which support upgrade over-the-air are becoming more and more important and it can bring a lot of convenience to you.

Feasycom bluetooth module especially the module which suitable for international market,most of them are support OTA.This depends on module and it is firmware.However if you pay much attention to this features ,you can double confirm with feasycom sales before you purchase feasycom bluetooth module.