what is HFP HSP A2DP ?

- Sep 14, 2019-

Today we are going to introduce -HSP.HFP,A2DP.

Bluetooth headsets have three main specifications - HSP, HFP and A2DP. They represent different functions.

HeadsetPro-file (HSP) stands for headset function and provides the basic functions required to communicate between the phone and the headset.

HandProfile (HFP) stands for hands-free function, and HFP adds some extensions to HSP.

Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) refers to the Bluetooth Audio Transmission Model Protocol.

The HFP format Bluetooth headset supports the mobile phone function more completely, and the consumer can operate the mobile phone to set the hands-free option functions such as redial, call retention, and call rejection.

A2DP is an advanced audio delivery specification that allows the transmission of stereo audio signals, which is much better quality than mono encryption for HSP and HFP.

A2DP can connect two devices that also support Bluetooth audio transmission to each other, and can output music such as CD sound quality (16 bits, 44.1 kHz). If one party does not support A2DP, then the sound effect can only output Handsfree Profile (8 bits, 8 kHz).It is far away from a real stereo.

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