What is iAP ?What is iAP1 and iAP2?

- Sep 11, 2019-

Q. What is iAP? 

A. iAP stands for Interface Accessory Protocol. It is a communication system between an Apple device and an accessory, for example a vehicle infotainment system. The communication system guides the accessory to access data from an Apple device (song, song name, artist, album, genre, cover art, pictures, videos, and more). 

Q. What is iAP1 and iAP2? A. iAP1 and iAP2 are the two communication systems used by accessories today to communicate with Apple devices. iAP1 is a legacy or an older communication system, while iAP2 is the latest and greatest. Q. How do I know what communication system does my Apple device support? A. Refer to the three sections highlighted above. All devices under Not Compatible do not use either iAP1 or iAP2. Those devices will most likely not work with any accessory, except your headphones. All devices under Limited Compatibility use iAP1. All devices under Compatible use iAP2.