What is iBeacon technology and how ibeacon technology works?

- Aug 03, 2020-

What is iBeacon technology?


Beacons are small, wireless transmitters that use low-energy Bluetooth technology to send signals to other smart devices nearby. They are one of the latest developments in location technology and proximity marketing. Put simply, they connect and transmit information to smart devices making location-based searching and interaction easier and more accurate.


How IBeacon technology works?


When a user walks past an area where a positioning system or IoT network with beacons is set up, the nearest beacon sends a code with a message to their mobile device. Then, the message pops up as a notification on a user’s mobile device with a third-party or branded mobile app.


Types Of Beacons

There is a wide array of beacons available for positioning systems of any type and scale. They differ in size, battery life, use cases, and level of resistance to exogenous factors. Here are Feasycom’s types of beacons:


1. USB beacon FSC-BP101

BLE 4.2

Mini size

Low cost

300 meters transmission range

CE certification


2. Small size beacon FSC-BP103

BLE 5.0

TI CC2640R2F Chipset

100 meters transmission range

CE, FCC certification


3. Long transmission range beacon FSC-BP104

BLE 5.0

5 Year battery life

500 meters transmission range


4. Bracelet beacon FSC-BP107


Transmission range 100 meters


5. Waterproof beacon FSC-BP108


Dialog DA14531

IP67 waterproof


If there is any question regarding BLE beacons, please feel free to contact with Feasycom sales team, we would supply you with technical support.