what is ZigBee for wireless communication technology

- Sep 14, 2019-

ZigBee is a wireless connection that operates in the 2.4 GHz (global) frequency band with transmission rates up to 250 kbit/s, 20 kbit/s and 40 kbit/s, respectively, with a transmission range of 10-75 m, but Can continue to increase.

ZigBee is a low-power LAN protocol based on the IEEE802.15.4 standard. ZigBee technology is a two-way wireless communication technology with close range, low complexity, low power consumption, low speed and low cost. It is mainly used for data transmission between various electronic devices with short distance, low power consumption and low transmission rate, and typical applications with periodic data, intermittent data and low response time data transmission.

What are the characteristics of ZigBee?

As a wireless communication technology, ZigBee has the following characteristics:

(1) Low power consumption: Due to the low transmission rate of ZigBee, the transmission power is only 1mW, and the sleep mode is adopted, the power consumption is low, so the ZigBee device is very power-saving. It is estimated that ZigBee devices can last up to 6 months to 2 years with only two 5th batteries, which is beyond the reach of other wireless devices.

(2) Low delay: The communication delay and the delay from the sleep state are very low. The typical search device delay is 30ms, the sleep activation delay is 15ms, and the active device channel access delay is 15ms. Therefore, ZigBee technology is suitable for applications with time-critical wireless control (such as industrial control applications).

(3) Large network capacity: A Zigbee network of a gateway can accommodate up to 80 slave devices and one master device, and the network composition is flexible.

(4) Reliable: A collision avoidance strategy is adopted, and dedicated time slots are reserved for communication services requiring a fixed bandwidth, avoiding competition and collision of transmitted data. The MAC layer uses a fully acknowledged data transmission mode, and each transmitted packet must wait for the acknowledgement from the receiver. If there is a problem during the transfer, you can resend it.

(5) Security: ZigBee provides a packet integrity check function based on Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC), which supports authentication and authentication. Each application can flexibly determine its security attributes.

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