What’re the Applications of BLE Modules?

- Mar 13, 2020-

1.Bluetooth light control solution


The Bluetooth light control solution is based on the main Bluetooth module, which implements the color control functions of smart Bluetooth LED lights.


Description of the Bluetooth light control scheme: the mobile phone Bluetooth and the Bluetooth module on the lantern are paired to implement the APP command to control the light of the lantern to achieve different functions, such as the color and brightness that can be adjusted by color palette and sound.


2. BLE Smart Lock Solution


Intelligent access control lock is based on the original access control system, adding a low-power Bluetooth data transmission module to implement wireless access control by mobile phone. The smartphone control Bluetooth device through the APP, sending instructions, smart door lock receives the Bluetooth command and then controls the switch of the smart door lock.


Description of the Bluetooth smart lock solution: The BLE Bluetooth module is built into the smart lock. The mobile phone reads the smart lock Bluetooth information through the APP, attempts to pair, and sends an unlock request to the server. The server sends the unlock command to the mobile phone. Send the instruction to the smart lock to unlock it.


3. Bluetooth MAC address scanning printing solution


Bluetooth MAC address scanning and printing solutions, including Bluetooth MAC address reading device, MAC address reading software, MAC address managing software, QR code generating software, QR code printing driver.


Bluetooth MAC address scanning and printing solution description: Using BLE module as the host, scan peripheral devices, filter according to the broadcast name, filter out the device with the strongest peripheral signal, and obtain the MAC address, after obtaining the MAC address, send the data through the serial port, then send it to a label printer, and the label printer prints a QR code.


The Bluetooth MAC address is printed in the form of a QR code, which is convenient for Bluetooth products to read the Bluetooth MAC address and can effectively improve work efficiency.


4.Bluetooth Mesh Networking Solution


The Bluetooth Mesh network is a new network topology of Bluetooth Low Energy for establishing multiple devices’ communication.


It allows you to create a large network based on multiple devices. The network can contain dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of Bluetooth Mesh devices. These devices can communicate with each other. No doubt such an application is providing ideal options for building automation, wireless sensor networks, asset tracking, and other solutions. With Bluetooth Mesh, many new application possibilities have emerged in smart homes.


Description of Bluetooth Mesh networking scheme: With Bluetooth Mesh, you can control all functions in the smart home system at the same time, easily and efficiently with just one control device. The powerful architecture of Bluetooth Mesh can also be expanded to meet the needs of offices, factories, industrial environments, and even cities, connecting millions of nodes without failure.


5.Bluetooth Beacon indoor positioning solution


Beacon integrates with Bluetooth Low Energy Advertising protocol, and most of them are Bluetooth Low Energy slave devices. Beacon devices are usually placed in a fixed location indoors and broadcast a packet to the surroundings at regular intervals. Or perform complex data calculations based on the current received and Transmitted Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) and MAC address analysis, and then perform indoor positioning for customers.


Description of Bluetooth Beacon indoor positioning scheme: Indoor positioning is combined with Beacon technology, which arranges Beacon nodes at appropriate positions, and can cooperate with rich APP applications to provide users with indoor location services conveniently.