What’s the differences between Bluetooth module and Bluetooth chip?

- Jun 12, 2020-

In general, the Bluetooth chip is part of the Bluetooth module.


Why do Bluetooth application development use Bluetooth module instead of Bluetooth chip in most cases? Let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two.


Advantages and disadvantages of using Bluetooth module:


①Advantages: rapid development without Bluetooth certification.


② Disadvantages: high cost.


Advantages and disadvantages of using Bluetooth chip directly


①Advantages: low cost and smaller board size.


② Disadvantages: development is difficult and requires Bluetooth certification.


Some customers in the past who attempted to go the chip-down route only to later realize the effort, time, and money required to get their solution to work. In the end, they finally decided to use a module.

The truth is, there are incredibly large non-recurring engineering (NRE) fees associated with a “chip-down” design versus using a module. The certification process which includes testing, equipment, engineering, and long periods of time all translate to significant dollars being spent that is not so easy to predict nor quantifiable.


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