When can Huawei HarrnonyOS system can be used on mobile phones?

- Sep 15, 2019-

In a recent interview with BBC Story Workshop Documentary, Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of Huawei, asked Nicola Eliot, the copying author, that Huawei had not yet considered how the HarronnyOS system could be used on mobile phones. Even if we want to turn around, it will take several years to build a rational ecology.

Ren Zhengfei reiterated that the HarronnyOS system is a low latency system, mainly for industrial control, automatic control, automatic driving, vehicle networking and other systems. HarronnyOS system will be the first to be used in watches, 8K smart TV and other terminal products. For mobile phones, it is impossible to build a reasonable ecological system in a short time, and it needs a process.

At the IFA2019 exhibition, Yu Chengdong was also asked in an interview with the media when Huawei mobile phone will start using HarronnyOS system. Yu responded that the work of adapting Hongmeng system to mobile phone is ready, but Huawei will not give priority to using it. Because Huawei also has to consider Google's decisions and cooperation.

If Huawei's mobile phone is not allowed to use Google service in the future, Yu Chengdong said that Huawei will consider using self-developed Hongmeng system. The Huawei P40 series released in March next year may become the first mobile phone product with Hongmeng system.