Wireless blue tooth module for car atmosphere lamp

- Aug 22, 2020-

With the development of LED lighting technology, mid-range or high- range cars are now decorated with ambient lights, which are usually installed in the central control, door panels, roof, footlights, welcome lights, pedals, etc., and the acrylic rods are illuminated by LED lights to achieve light effect. However, the brightness of the original car's ambient light is not adjustable, the color is single, and the function is single. Thus was born the current wireless Bluetooth RGB ambient light solution. This solution is connected to the LED light bar in the car through the mobile phone APP, and the color of the car interior LED lights is changed through the mobile phone APP to create an atmosphere. The use of different colors can create a gorgeous and beautiful interior environment that will make people warm, relaxed and comfortable.

After the Bluetooth connection between the mobile phone's Bluetooth and the LED light bar is established, the user can adjust the color of the ambient light in the car through the APP installed on the mobile phone according to their own preferences. Feasycom Technology focuses on Bluetooth, WIFI and other IOT wireless modules, and also accepts APP development. The following recommend two Bluetooth module models suitable for car ambient lights:


FSC-BT630                                      FSC-BT686

* Nordic nRF52832 chipset             * AIROHA AB1611N chipset

* BLE 5.0                                          * BLE 5.0

* FCC,CE certificated                       * Dim:13 x 26.9 x 2.0mm                        

* Dim:10 x 11.9 x 1.8mm                   

image                               image

Advantage:                                        Advantage:

* Ultra low power consumption         * low power consumption   

* Easy to develop                             * Easy to develop 

* High performance                            * High performance      

* Small size and onboard antenna     *Bluetooth Mesh