Health care is become more and more important for everyone’s life. It is a growing industry with huge demand in future.


With the explosion of mobile computing, first precipitated by smart phones, health care monitoring and medical diagnosis is now open to all. Information about a persons health can be collected by affordable wearables and then transmitted to the cloud where big data algorithms utilise it for scientific research and-or the wearers personal benefit.

Medical and health care

Electronic medical equipment such as sphygmomanometers, oximeters, thermometers and other smart products use Bluetooth and mobile phone connection, record test and analysis data through APP and give suggestions to become the development trend of many intelligent medical equipment manufacturers. But due to the Bluetooth one-to-one feature, only one device can be connected at a time, thus the product is limited in the process of use or promotion.

How to choose a module

WiFi has advantages such as long distance and fast transmission rate. However, due to high power consumption, intelligent wearable and medic /health care products are rarely adopted.

Low power bluetooth (BLE) is widely used in medical and health care products because of its low power consumption. Currently, the main suppliers are Ti and Nordic. FEASYCOM has several BLE bluetooth modules based on Nordic 52832 chips,TI CC2640 chips.

1.Nordic 52832 chips,FSC-BT630,BT5.0

2.2.TI CC2640 chips,FSC-BT616,BT 5.0

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