BLE 5.0 Wireless Bluetooth Mesh Network Module Solution

Recently, the Bluetooth mesh network is hot solution in the Bluetooth product, Especially in the Intelligent home control system. In the popular application, Feasycom have a Bluetooth mesh network solution —— Intelligent light control with the module FSC-BT671.

You may already know that ,bluetooth mesh network it is based on Bluetooth 5 specification.But BT671 not only BT5.0 ,it is also a class 1 mesh module .And it is cost effective module that can widely used in many application such as light control ext.

This mesh network solution work with the APP Tmall Elf in China, and other APPs. If you do not have app with the solution, don’t worry about it. Feasycom is developing on the mesh APP. After Feasycom complete the app, it will share the APP SDK for customers. In this solution, the BT mesh network could support 30 000pcs light that means it could support some huge buildings.


Should you have any interested about BT mesh network, welcome contact us.