3290 IOT Terminals Light Tian'anmen Square To Complete The Most Difficult Dynamic Performance In The World

- Oct 05, 2019-

3290 Internet of Things terminals light Tian'anmen Square to complete the most difficult dynamic performance in the world|

At the beginning of this year, the directors who took on the task of directing the 70th anniversary National Day celebration suddenly burst out with a wonderful idea about the program. However, the realization of the idea needs a special screen to support. "This screen is not simply a moving flat panel, but to emit ink-and-wash-like color, light and shadow."

Romantic ideas eventually became reality at the celebration on the evening of October 1. In the south of Jinshui bridge, Bai Li, 3290 popular performers, following the melody of music, hold up the light and shadow screens that are changing from time to time. They constitute a huge dynamic diagram of "lofty", "flying kites", "spreading the wings of the Dove" and "fluttering five star red flag".

These 3290 screens are also 3290 Internet of Things terminals. Thanks to the support of advanced technologies such as screen, chip, communication and digital simulation, this may be the most difficult dynamic performance in the world to achieve perfectly.

Internet of Things Technology Helps World Miracle

I believe that those who have watched the evening show will be shocked by the changing "magic of light and shadow" on the square, so how can the creativity in the director's mind be presented at the scene? First of all, we can not do without the digital performance and simulation technology developed by the Beijing Institute of Technology team for many years.

Beijing Institute of Technology, "digital performance and simulation technology" laboratory, few people know, but in the creation circle of large art performance, they are famous, almost have taken the development of digital simulation system for a series of major activities in the past ten years, such as the opening and closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 60th anniversary National Day parade, the 93 parade, and the Pingchang Winter Olympics. Beijing Eight Minutes"... This is no exception.

It is precisely because of this, the function of the luminous screen must be able to play by itself and minimize the control of actors. Therefore, the screen must have content storage system, wireless receiving device, player and wireless excitation system.

According to reports, the final product's light and shade screen comes from BOE. Each light and shade screen has 1024 lights, each one is "Chinese core", while the control panel of the lamp is developed by XXXX technology based on LYNQ M1507, a brand intelligent module. Finally, 3290 light and shadow screens together constitute a huge flowing light and shadow pattern through wireless excitation and display of the pictures in the memory.

However, a qualified Internet of Things terminal is only the first step in the long march. How to solve the problem of reliable screen synchronization and fast synchronization of all video content is the key point. It is reported that the original ceremony director group design is 4 programs, 8 minutes of performance, finally changed to run through the whole 90 minutes, in this process, 3290 screens must be one key to stimulate, millisecond is not bad, difficult to imagine.

The secret behind this comes from several sets of antennas behind the screen. WiFi and 4G antennas are responsible for the downloading and synchronization of 53G video content, while the other group of wireless excitation antennas are responsible for receiving instructions from the director group. In order to ensure foolproof, the antenna is one main and one standby, double receiving and double sending, which ultimately guarantees the vividness, change and seamless convergence of video presentation.

The task of communication support in the grand ceremony is Beijing Unicom. The staff need to be in the scope of the size of the football field, so that 3290 screens can be completed in 30 minutes by 4G network. According to reports, this technical support is the first time in the world. It has four difficulties: first, it has no similar experience of high traffic guarantee; second, it has a high density of terminals in a small area; third, it has a high requirement of data transmission security; fourth, it has a large amount of concurrent download business.

In order to complete the task, China Unicom's hundreds of technical experts have been developing for three months. In the use of thematic performances, up to more than 3800 terminals have completed the downloading of 427G data in 45 minutes at the location of 2/3, which is the first case of concurrent data downloading in the unit area. In addition, Unicom has built 26 base stations and dedicated line networks to ensure channel security and transmission speed.

On the other hand, BOE combines the folding LED (light emitting diode) splicing array system with the asynchronous sending and sending system, and realizes the rapid release of large video content to 3290 screens in a short time. At the same time, the LoRa low delay control system and synchronous playback time correction technology are adopted to achieve the synchronization of video frames. BOE also makes use of the Internet of things solution to carry out the MD5 (information digest algorithm) two-way password verification for the video files in the device, so as to ensure that information security and confidential content are foolproof.