7 Reasons To Choose An Ideal RF Bluetooth Serial Transceiver Module

- Apr 29, 2019-

1.If you have strictly demand about cost 

This usually depends on bluetooth-end product it is high quality product and bluetooth -end product 's price .And also there are some other reasons if the market senstive about the price .And to ensure your profit to do this whole project .This reasons are usually lead you have strictly demand about wireless bluetooth module price .Do not worry ,feasycom has widely range of RF transceiver wireless bluetooth module .whatever low cost RF transceiver wireless bluetooth module or high quality RF transceiver wireless bluetooth module,you can always find one module which most suitable for your solution .

2.Do you mind the brand of the chipset

In the market ,there are module adopt different chipset such as :TI CC2640 ,Nordic 52832 ,CSR8811 ,CSR8670 ,CSR8675,QCC3007 and so on .Different chipset the performace may different ,and price also different .This depends on your solution and market

3.If your bluetooth-end product prefer small size module 

Usually bluetooth-end product if not so big size which may have limited space to integrate big size RF transceiver wireless bluetooth module .You are so lucky that to contact feasycom ,because we have kinds of small size module for different solution .Ultra-small size CSR8670 for audio solution ,tiny size Nordic 52832 ble module ,finger-sized class 1 mesh module ext .

4.Do you mind the power consumption of the module 

If bluetooth-end product is battery powered supply ,it will definitely require lower power consumption module .If for data transmission only you can choose low energy ble module .If this not meet your requirement ,you can choose low power dual mode RF transceiver wireless bluetooth module ext .

5.Your hardware engineer may has demand about some hardware features of the RF transceiver wireless bluetooth module 

Flexibility bluetooth module this may give them more space to design the pcba .And enough IO Port this usually require for current situation and if any potential requirement in future ext.The 3rd they may said they need module with antenna or prefer non-antenna version.Feasycom has widely choices about antenna version.

6. RF transceiver wireless bluetooth module pre-certified with BQB, FCC, IC, CE and other related certifications

As you know different market has certification requirement ,it will always takes month to past the certification,if you are so lucky the first time you apply the certification it will past .Then a certification module will be very important.It will save time and cost for your bluetooth-end product to pass certification.

7.The last and most important it is technical support 

Some company they may do not provide any technical support .if your end-product imporved in future and want add some new feature to firmware .Feasycom provide depth customized and continue technical support .

For more details about how to choose an ideal RF transceiver wireless bluetooth module
,please feel free to contact feasycom team.