About Bluetooth

- Apr 10, 2017-

Bluetooth (Bluetooth ®): is a wireless technical standard that enables short distance data interchange between fixed devices, mobile devices, and building personal domain networks (UHF radio waves using the ISM band of 2.4~2.485GHz). The Bluetooth technology was originally created by the telecom giant Ericsson in 1994, as an alternative to the RS232 data line. Bluetooth can connect multiple devices, overcoming the problem of data synchronization.

Now Bluetooth is managed by the Bluetooth Technology Alliance (Bluetooth Special Interest Group, called SIG). The Bluetooth Technology Alliance has more than 25,000 member companies worldwide, distributing in multiple domains such as telecommunications, computers, networks, and consumer electronics. The IEEE ranks Bluetooth technology as an IEEE 802.15.1, but it is no longer maintaining the standard. Bluetooth Technology Alliance is responsible for monitoring the development of Bluetooth specifications, management certification projects, and maintain trademark rights. The manufacturer's device must conform to the Bluetooth Technology Alliance standard to enter the market in the name of "Bluetooth device". Bluetooth technology has a patent network, can be issued to meet the standards of equipment.