Arduino And FSC-BT826 Programming Tutorial

- Oct 26, 2020-


In this tutorial, you can learn how to use an Arduino UNO board to communicate with the FSC-BT826 Bluetooth module and control a LED over Bluetooth.

In order to test the FSC-BT826 more easier, a FSC-DB004-BT826 board can be  used, Figure 1 shows the top view and bottom view of the FSC-DB004-BT826,  this board is a 6-pin Bluetooth development board, it consists of a FSC-BT826 Bluetooth module and a FSC-DB004 motherboard. The wireless communication is simple, the smartphone works as Bluetooth  Master and FSC-BT826 works as Bluetooth Slave. The FSC-BT826 module is a  Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Profile) module, this demo will use a mobile app to  create a SPP connection with the FSC-BT826, then perform SPP data transmission.

2.Hardware Connection


The power supply of FSC-DB004-BT826 is 3.6-6V and the logic level of I/O pins  is 3.3V. But the logic level output of Arduino board is 5V. In order not to burn the  Bluetooth module, a 1K ohm resistor should be inserted in the connection of the  Bluetooth module’s RXD and Arduino board’s TXD, as shown in the Figure 2. On  the other hand, the Bluetooth module’s TXD and Arduino board’s RXD can be  connected directly because the 3.3V signal from the Bluetooth module is  enough to be accepted as a high level by the Arduino board.

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