Attentive Customer Made A Professional Document About Feasycom Module

- Mar 08, 2019-

Recently , one of our cooperative customer has made a document about Feasycom Bluetooth module for their product ( It’s not convenient to reveal his name and product information here ) , this document related Feasycom two models Bluetooth module ---- FSC-BT630 nRF52832 small size Bluetooth 5.0 low energy module and FSC-BT909 CSR8811 class 1 Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode module , his documentation provides a comprehensive look at the performance and features of both modules .

User’s experience and feedback is the best advertising , when cooperate with him , we added the BLE pin code function of FSC-BT909 for his need , and also he introduced many other customers to purchase our Bluetooth module , because Feasycom not only selling Bluetooth module and Beacon , but also provide the whole technical supports and service , the below is our customer’s one part of whole document which explain Feasycom Bluetooth module:

ProffieBoard_TeensySaber User Manual_v1

ProffieBoard_TeensySaber User Manual_v1

Feasycom has a professional R&D department , include Hardware design and Firmware develop , if you have the project related Bluetooth module , just feel free contact our sales team .