Back To Repair Notice For Feasycom Bluetooth Module

- May 14, 2020-

Back to repair notice:

In order to distinguish the quality responsibilities of the supply and demand sides and better cooperate with customers, our company clearly requires that products that meet the following adverse conditions may not be processed by RMA:

a. Changing

1. The customer adds jumpers

2. The customer adds parts

3. The customer changes parts

4. The components short through tin

5. Dispensing is not removed

b. Damage

1. Chip burned

2. Missing chip

3. PCBA pin pad is damaged

4. PCBA deformation and distortion

5. PCBA component rupture

6. Seriously scratched and damaged the layout

7. PCBA burnt

8. PCBA components fall off

9. PCBA pads fall off

10. PCBA copper foil break


1. When disassembling the module, the customer should try to find skilled welding staff with experience in disassembling and assembling the module to avoid damage to the wrongly judged product or secondary damage to the defective product during the disassembly.

2. Please place the disassembled defective products in a tray or other containers separately to avoid secondary damage caused by collision.