BLE 4.2 Low Energy Bluetooth Module FAQ-FSC-BT646

- Jun 24, 2019-

With wireless communication become increasingly popular, mass of products are going to use Bluetooth low energy modules. 

FSC-BT646 is a Bluetooth 4.2 low energy module. Low price and Feasycom technical support make it popular on the market. Here we sort out some FSC-BT646 BLE module FAQ, hope to help our customers to learn the module information easily.


FSC-BT646 BLE 4.2 Module FAQ:


1.    How to send AT commands by air between App and BLE module?

A: By default, the module transmission will be pass-through mode once the Smartphone connects with FSC-BT646, if you want to send AT commands via App, you need to send “$OpenFscAtEngine$” after the connection between Bluetooth module and the smartphone built, you’ll get a feedback on the phone says $OK,Opened$”. Thus the FSC-BT646 will be switched to Air-Command-Mode, then you could send AT commands. When you type the AT commands, you need to add CR&LF command at the end with HEX character “0D 0A”, then press send, AT command will start to work.


2.    Out of security concerns, we hope the Bluetooth module supports pairing under pre-set passcode, does FSC-BT646 support this function?

A: Yes, FSC-BT646 supports three modes:

1>Pairing without passcode

2>Pairing under pre-set passcode, the passcode bonds with the module once the first connection is made successfully, next time you won’t need the passcode to pair.

3>Pairing under pre-set passcode, the passcode doesn’t bond with the module, it will be required every time when pairing.


3.    If we want to increase the working distance with the Bluetooth module, is there any solution for it?

A: Yes, FSC-BT646 contains a built-in PCB antenna. The transmit power can be increased to +10dBm, the working range will be longer than other regular Bluetooth modules.

If the working range is still too short for you, FSC-BT646 also supports external antenna, our CS team will help to fix this on request.


4.    Our product will adopt solutions with the BLE passcode, what should the customers do if they forget the passcode they set?

A: FSC-BT646 has a reset PIN, with which customers can turn the module status back to its original state, you could add a button on the reset pin to implement this function. Whenever customers forget their passcodes, they could press the button to reset the modules.


5.    How can I get some FSC-BT646 samples?

A: Please click the “Contact US” on the website or send an email to us directly, our Sales department will get back to you within 12 hours.