BLE Provides Several Common Attribute (GATT) Profiles For Common Applications

- Feb 13, 2020-

BLE provides several common attribute (GATT) profiles for common applications that simplify firmware and compatibility standards.

Examples include Current Time Service (CTS), “Find Profile” (FMP), “Heart Rate Service” (HRS), Wireless Lighting Control (“Grid Profile”), etc. These profiles allow peripherals and servers to communicate with each other using predefined data structures with little overhead. This allows BLE to use simpler protocols than connection options such as Wi-Fi. In addition, high data transfer efficiency is achieved. If the application fits in an existing GATT configuration file, it is easy to use because it reduces firmware development time and opens the door to existing application compatibility. A list of standard GATT profiles can be found on the BLE SIG website.


To further simplify the firmware creation process, Cypress IDEs such as ModusToolbox provide an easy-to-use graphical interface for BLE. These configurators provide an option to add a standard GATT service and configure it before the firmware is created so that the stack can handle service-specific events. This means that application firmware only needs to handle advanced events. In this case, all applications could be very efficient.

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