Bluetooth 5.1 Module With TI CC2642 Chipset

- Feb 20, 2020-


Currently, Bluetooth 5.1 technology is very popular with location product applications. With customer's requirements, Feasycom has a new module FSC-BT618. This module is Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 technology, adopt TI CC2642R chipset. With this chipset, the module supports long-range work and high-speed data transmission. Here is some information about this module:

1. Bluetooth 5.1 technology Module, TI CC2642R chipset

2. LE 2-Mbit PHY (High Speed)

3. LE Coded PHY (Long Range)

4. Advertising Extensions

5. Multiple Advertisement Sets

6. The default UART Baud rate is 115.2Kbps and support from 1200bps up to 3Mbps

     7. Dimensions 1.3mm X 26.9mm X 2.0mm