Bluetooth Based Home Automation System

- Sep 26, 2018-

Bluetooth module application.png

Wireless technologies are becoming more popular around the  world  and  the  consumers  appreciate  this  wireless lifestyle which gives us more convenience, security and safety.

Technology is a never ending process. To be able to design a product using the current technology that will be beneficial to the lives of others is a huge contribution to the community.


Implementation of home automation using the latest technology gives us relive of the well known “cable chaos” that tends to grow  under  their  desk.  Now  with the embedded  Bluetooth  technology,  digital  devices  form  a network  in  which  the  appliances  and  devices  can communicate with each other. Today, home automation is one  of  the  major  applications  of  Bluetooth  technology.


Smartphone affordability increases every year and smartphones have begun to play important roles in our daily lives due to their size and portability. Google’s Android operating system is one of the leading and most preferred smartphones. Controlling home appliances by using an Android phone gives users the ability to control their home appliances anywhere and at any time while at home and saves time spent in searching for the remote control unit of home automation systems since the user’s phone is usually kept close at hand.


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