Bluetooth Beacon Eddystone UID And Eddystone URL Setting With APP FeasyBeacon

- Jul 07, 2018-

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Recently, Feasycom make a new video about the Bluetooth Beacon Eddystone UID and Eddystone URL setting with the APP “Feasybeacon”. That will be easy for customers using FeasyBeacon. There is the video link:


bluetooth beacon APP.jpg 

Currently, Feasycom have 4 types beacon work with FeasyBeacon. In this APP, Feasycom’s bluetooth beacon have some features:

1. Have 10 slots broadcasting

2. Could modify the TX power by yourself

3. Could check the battery level

4. Have R&D team provide technical support

5. For second development, provide SDK

If you have interested in our bluetooth beacon or have problem with it, welcome to contact us.


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