Bluetooth Beacon For Tracking Application

- Aug 08, 2019-

Is There A Better Way To Do Assets Tracking?

Traditionally we use barcodes or QRs to do assets tracking. Every time we want to know the location of the assets, we have to do barcode scanning. Sometimes it’s not easy for us to spare the time to do such thing right?

Is there a better way to make things easier?

assets tracking

Of course! With mass of effort, Feasycom’s specialists present you a powerful beacons to fulfill such demands!

The most recommend beacon for tracking is FSC-BP103 ,as it is size is small ,so it can suitable for many application .it can instead of the lost and find device .


Embedded with TI CC2640R2F chipset, it can exercise data transferring in a range of 80m(2624ft) at most. Also, the size of BP103 is ultra-small, 36.5mm*32.5mm*7.2mm, with this small size, it can allow you to do small-size asset tracking, like keys tracking, pets tracking, etc.


When you’re sourcing for better solutions for your assets tracking projects, remember to talk to Feasycom, and you will have the best solutions!

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