Bluetooth Beacon Support TLM Frame ?

- Aug 06, 2019-

 We need the TLM Frame type because it contains infos about battery status, from the feasybeacon app is not possible to configure that kind of broadcast type. I can see from feasy beacon app the level of the battery this means that the beacon is capable of sending that data type. Can you please help pointing out how to get that value? 

 TLM frame work perfectly with the Cordova plugin, reading the battery level.

The function code that reads the voltage is this one.For some test devices we set time frame interval of 100ms, can you please give us an estimation of the battery life for every interval at 0db power? 

- Are batteries coming with full charge? How much is the capacity in mAh? Some beacons run out the batteries early then others?

 Actually we do not recommend get battery level via TLM frame ,because this method usually refer the value of voltage ,so if you have kinds of beacon ,the hardware is different ,then you need caculated each beacon's battery level .it is not so easy for you to get beacon's battery value.

 On the FeasyBeacon APP ,you can see it shows 95% battery directly.So you can get battery value from app directly .

 Also you can download ''nRF Connect'' app from google store ,you can through parse the data to get battery value.

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