Bluetooth BLE Module Certificate

- Sep 07, 2018-

——Feasycom Bluetooth Module FSC-BT616 Certificate


Recently, the bluetooth BLE module FSC-BT616 has FCC and CE certificate. There is the certificate:

        image.png  image.png


FSC-BT616 is Feasycom hot product, especially the customer use it on the BLE data transmission, and it is make into the Bluetooth Beacon.


There is some information about the module:

1.Work distance: 50m(165ft),Product Size: 27*13*2.0mm

2.Chipset: TI CC2640R2F, Bluetooth 5.0 Technology

3.Support GATT,BLE Low Energy module

4.Max Transmit Power: 5dBm

5.With built-in antenna, external antenna optional

6.Application: Bluetooth Beacon, Industrial Monitoring, Home Automation, Smart Wearable, IoT Device


If you have interested on the modules, welcome to get more detail information:



By Feasycom