Bluetooth Dual Mode Module Introduction

- May 29, 2019-

Bluetooth dual mode is for Bluetooth in the field of data transmission applications, combining classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy (BLE). Support Bluetooth BR/EDR (SPP transparent transmission profile) and BLE profiles, dual-mode Bluetooth device is called Bluetooth Smart Ready device. In dual mode devices, both the two profiles use the same RF front end and antenna. Typical dual-mode devices are smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Gateways. These devices can receive data sent over BLE or Bluetooth BR/EDR devices, which often have the ability of sufficient power supply. The power consumption of the communication of between dual-mode device and the BLE device is lower than that of the dual-mode device and the Bluetooth BR/EDR device. A dual-mode solution requires an external processor to implement the Bluetooth stack.

The advantages of Bluetooth dual mode, compared to BLE Bluetooth, Bluetooth dual mode has better compatibility and transmission speed, especially for connecting mobile phones from devices because of the diversity of Android system; Bluetooth dual can support both IOS devices and Android devices with classic Bluetooth, and can also be satisfied for devices with speed requirements. For those applications that are widely used and need to adapt to various models of IOS and Android devices, or need a device with a fast transfer rate, Bluetooth dual mode is the best choice.

In the application of Bluetooth dual-mode, Feasycom is the earliest and most professional in China. Feasycom has corresponding solutions for various chips. Such as CSR, TI, Realtek, and launched a series of Bluetooth dual mode module: BT901, BT816, BT826, etc. Moreover, in the technology of the dual-mode module, compared with other manufacturers in the same industry, Feasycom module has the better compatibility, faster speed transmission, and firstly launched the dual-mode module of multi-connection application in China, which can support the connection of 7 Android devices and 1 IOS devices at the same time.