Bluetooth Ibeacon Tag Ble 5.0 For Indoor Positioning

- Aug 28, 2019-

The role of bluetooth ibeacon tag:

Recently, bluetooth ibeacon tag seems to be hot, using bluetooth ibeacon, with push advertising, indoor positioning, and looks advanced, what is ibeacon? In fact, the simple understanding of the bluetooth ibeacon label is a small information base station that can be used in mobile payment, in-store shopping guide, crowd analysis, and other activities related to people’s indoor mobility, which sounds cool. For example, timely promotion of brand promotion information in the mall, positioning of boarding gates for passengers at the airport, etc. can be achieved. In general, the bluetooth ibeacon tag is a very powerful way to provide information, it is very convenient and simple to operate, using the bluetooth ibeacon tag to improve work efficiency and save human resources.


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