Bluetooth Mesh Network Module Solution In Led Industry

- Aug 09, 2019-

With the rapid development of the IOT technology and AI technology, and the increasing demands of consumers, smart home has become a hot topic of widespread concern, and Bluetooth technology is the closest technology related to smart home projects, especially the Bluetooth Mesh network. Applied to the current smart lights system, there are huge opportunities and markets.

The so-called Bluetooth Mesh network is used and relies on Bluetooth low energy technology. Low-power Bluetooth technology is a wireless communication protocol stack used by Bluetooth mesh network. Bluetooth mesh is not a wireless communication technology, but a network technology. Bluetooth mesh allows us to establish a “many-to-many” relationship between wireless devices. In addition, each device in the Mesh network is capable of relaying data to the other devices that are not within the direct radio coverage of the initial device. In this way, the mesh network can span a very large physical area and contain a large number of devices. For the future, we will provide strong support in smart directions such as smart homes and smart cities.

Bluetooth Mesh has a natural advantage over other wireless networking solutions because Bluetooth low energy is a fairly well-developed wireless technology. It’s hard to find a smartphone or tablet that doesn’t support Bluetooth low energy. Compared to ZigBee, 2.4G, etc., its application range and customer familiarity are the highest.

Here we will introduce the application of Bluetooth Mesh on smart lights:

As long as you add Bluetooth Mesh to your home light bulb, ceiling lamp, LED light, etc., you can add all the Mesh lights in your home to the network, after this you could control the switching, brightness and color of the LED lights to make the home environment more colorful. Moreover, many large speech recognition manufacturers, such as T-mall Elf and Amazon, support Mesh technology, which can make network and voice control better on these Mesh lights, making the application of Mesh lamps more intelligent and convenient.

Shenzhen Feasycom Technology Co., Ltd. has a greater advantage than the peers in Bluetooth Mesh. Bluetooth can achieve longer distance, faster speed, larger capacity, and solve the different Mesh function requirements from diverse customers. Mature technology applications. Feasycom now has two modules, the FSC-BT671 and the FSC-BT681, which both support Bluetooth 5.0 and SIG Mesh networks, and have the advantages of small size and low cost. Moreover, Feasycom has a very efficient technical team, providing a lot of timely support including software and hardware, APP support, which can help customers complete product development as soon as possible and help to make customers’ products occupying the market much faster.

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