Bluetooth Module Datathrough Wait Time After Power On

- Jul 10, 2019-

Recently customer has a question about the wait time of the bluetooth module datathrough after power on .

You can refer below :

1)When Bluetooth module is not used. 

BT_PWR_CTL Low, BT_RESET Low, TX10 Low, RTS10# Low (RTS and CTS are not used)  

2)When Bluetooth module is used. 
1.BT_RESET Low (Original Status )
2.Start power supply 
3.After tens of milliseconds ,the BT_RESET auto draw to High 

4.Wait 2 sec total,UART config,Able to control module

So you can notice from above that ,blueooth module original status -BT_RESET Low ,after tens of milliseconds ,the BT_RESET auto draw to High .No need control the reset .

Then about 2 sec total ,you are able to control module .