Bluetooth Module Mesh

- Apr 20, 2018-

Feasycom FSC-BT630 Bluetooth Module Mesh


Lately, Feasycom engineer updates the bluetooth module FSC-BT630, the module add the bluetooth mesh function. The Mesh Network has Gateway and Node two parts:

Gateway is the administrator of the mesh network, it can add nodes or delete nodes for the network. The NODE device is a node in the network, it can accept the invitation from the GATEWAY to join the network. The default GATEWAY can control up to 32 NODE devices and 5 groups (limited by flash and ram), if you need powerful performance, contact us, please. The Mesh Network could be used in smart home, library, Museum and so on.


 There is some information about the module FSC-BT630:

1.Work distance: 50m(165ft),Product Size: 10*11.9*1.7mm

2.Chipset: Nordic nRF52832, Bluetooth 5.0 Technology

3.Support GATT,Mesh Network,BLE Low Energy module

4.Max Transmit Power: 4dBm

5.With built-in antenna, external antenna optional

There is the link about the product: