Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Sensor Beacon BLE 5.0 For Indoor

- Apr 03, 2020-

Since the COVID-19, many people stay at home, and we want to make our home life more comfortable and convenient. It’s the same as our pets. A comfortable environment, could make our lovely families happy. Especially some animals, they have a requirement with the temperature, humidity, like the tortoise, lizard, fish and so on.

In order to help people collect the temperate & humidity data, Feasycom developed the Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Sensor Beacon FSC-BP120. With the beacon attached in the pet box, you can use the related app to get the box’s temperature and humidity data via Bluetooth. And this beacon adopts high-sensitivity temperature & humidity sensor, of which the temperature accuracy is 0.2℃ and humidity accuracy is 2%RH. People could accord with the data to make sure the pet staying in a comfortable environment. Here is the beacon information:

Beacon name

Temperature and humidity sensor Beacon

Bluetooth version

BLE 5.0


TI CC2640R2F


Detect temperature and humidity and broadcast the data

Temperature measure range

-20℃ to +60℃

Relative humidity measure range

0% to 100%

Temperature accuracy


Humidity accuracy




App compatibility

IOS 7.0+, Android 4.3+