Bluetooth Thermal Printer Solution

- Mar 22, 2019-

In China , Feasycom dominates more than 80 percent of the Bluetooth printer market, because of the mature and complete solution:
1.Supports 1 IOS + 1 Android Bluetooth printer solution
2.Supports 1IOS + 6 Android Bluetooth printer solution
3.Supports 3 IOS + 6 Android Bluetooth printer solution
4.Supports 3 IOS + 7 Android Bluetooth printer solution
5.Audio Bluetooth printer solution ( the printer supports play music and print )
6.Bluetooth + Wifi printer solution

The related Bluetooth module’s model is FSC-BT816S , FSC-BT826 , FSC-BT826H , FSC-BT836 , FSC-BT926 , FSC-BW226 ,etc.

Bluetooth printer

What’s the advantages of Feasycom Bluetooth module for Bluetooth printer?

1.Super compatibility
2.Feasycom have cooperative with many famous Bluetooth printer manufacturer
3.Supports multiple App/IOS/Android works together
4.Supports IOS MFI
5.Supports Android / IOS High-speed printing
6.Feasycom supports customization
7.Feasycom Bluetooth module is highly cost effective

Feasycom Bluetooth module view:







If you need the Bluetooth module for Printer , just feel free contact Feasycom team .