Bluetooth Transmission Protocol For Barcode Scanner Solution

- Apr 16, 2019-

Feasycom data module widely used in bluetooth printer ,barcode scanner and so on .In the previous news we have introduce about bluetooth module for printer solution ,today we are going to talk about about barcode scanner module basic protocol.


Bluetooth module

The basic protocol when use in barcode scanner:

HID (Human Interface Device)

SPP (Serial Port Profile)

GATT (Generic Attributes) BLE


* Input content directly via textbox

*Android, iOS, Windows, Linux

*High data voume


*Support Android, Windows, Linux


*Android 4.4 and above ,iPhone 4S and above


*Low data volume

*Need APP

*iOS device via SPP neeed past MFi Certification

*Need APP

Except above 3 main protocol ,there is another protocol: HOG (HID Over GATT)
Advantage :1.Input content directly via textbox,no need app
2.Android 4.4 and above ,iPhone 4S and above
Disadvantage:Low data volume
Feasycom provide many bluetooth module for barcode scanner solution.