Bluetooth Ultra Broadband (Ultra-wideband)

- Apr 10, 2017-

The Bluetooth 3.0 version of the high-speed (AMP) feature was originally intended for UWB applications, but the WiMedia Alliance (WiMedia Alliance, the organization responsible for Bluetooth UWB features) was dissolved March 2009, and eventually UWB was removed from the core Specification version 3.0.

March 16, 2009, WiMedia Alliance announced that they had entered the WiMedia Ultra Broadband (UWB) version of the technology transfer agreement. WiMedia has shifted to the Bluetooth Technology Alliance, the Wireless USB Promotion Alliance (Wireless USBPromoter Group), the Application forum (USB Implementers Forum) so current and future releases, including the future high speed and power optimization related work. After the successful completion of technology transfer, market and related administrative clauses, WiMedia Alliance ceased operation.