Bluetooth USB Adapter HID/HCI Mode Options

- Aug 17, 2019-

The factory default mode of FSC-BP119 could be HID mode or HCI mode.

·      HCI Mode: Standard HCI interface, work with host platform’s own Bluetooth stack (tested on Windows 10, Ubuntu 14.04, macOS Mojave)

·      HID Mode: Only available on Windows OS and, work with “CSR Harmony Wireless Stack”.

“CSR Harmony Wireless Stack” support not only standard Bluetooth stack but also BLE keyboard and/or mouse. For more information, refer to “CSR8510 A10 USB Dongle Application Note.pdf”

Mode Switch:

·      User can switch from HID mode to HCI mode (tested on Windows & Linux)

·      User cannot switch from HCI mode to HID mode.

Warning: Please comment with desired operating mode when purchasing, the default mode is HCI mode

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