BT 5.0 BLE Bluetooth Module For Car Key Application

- Nov 29, 2020-

With the development and maturity of vehicles and Bluetooth technology, mobile phone become the carrier of car key. The mobile phone is connected with the car by Bluetooth to avoid opening the door or starting the vehicle in the underground garage or places with poor mobile signal.

We use the bluetooth key which provided by the car factory and using mobile app to activate the key of our own vehicle. After the driver gets close to the vehicle for a certain distance, the mobile phone key system will automatically identify the location of the mobile phone key and realize unlocking. When the car owner closes all the doors and leaves with the mobile phone, the mobile phone key system will automatically detect the phone key and lock the car.


With the development of Internet of vehicles and Bluetooth technology. Major automobile enterprises have released Bluetooth car key models, such as Tesla, ideal one, Xiaopeng automobile, Chang'an cs75, etc. at present, ble Bluetooth key has achieved accurate positioning, and only Tesla Model3 and ideal one model have the highest recognition rate. 

Feasycom BLE Module which suitable for the bluetooth car key:

FSC-BT616:Ti CC2640R2F, BLE 5.0, FCC, CE, IC certification.

FSC-BT630:Nordic nRF52832, BLE 5.0. CE, FCC, IC, KC Certification.

FSC-BT690:Dialog DA14531, BLE 5.1.