BT4.2 SPP Bluetooth Module External Antenna

- Jun 10, 2019-

If you have got a bluetooth module with antenna from feasycom ,and it is pre-install with antenna ,now you plan to use external antenna .

You may have few questions ,such as : Do I have to change the feasy-board preferences to be able to use the external antenna? Or can I simply attach the external antenna, and it works?

Of course you can simply attach the external antenna ,and it works.

First we want to make a summary about the antenna type and frequency of antenna in the market.

Type of antenna :Ceramic antenna ,PCB antenna ,external FPC antenna

Frequency of antenna : Single frequency antenna ,dual-frequency antenna .So you have to make sure you have already choose the right antenna for the module .

Few steps about how to let the module work with external antenna .

1. Mount the OR resistance sidewards (The original module with ceramic antenna ,the OR resistance it is stand on end

2.Remove the original ceramic antenna

3. Outer shield :GND ,Inner core:signal wire


Actually ,feasycom module such as FSC-BT909 already has two kinds of choices:FSC-BT909 with ceramic antenna and external antenna version .

909 with and without antenna

So if you prefer module with external version ,you can confirm with feasycom sales before you plan to buy.

Feasycom Team