Can I Use Beacons To Broadcast Advertisement Pictures?

- Sep 10, 2019-

What Can Bluetooth Beacons Do? Can I use beacons to broadcast advertisement pictures?

The beacons usually can only broadcast data. It can’t broadcast pictures directly.

BUT, we could use beacons to implement similar functions or even better by the following steps!

1, Preset the contents, that needed to be broadcasted, into the beacons. (Using related beacon tools)
    The contents usually could be a website(Advertisement usage),
    Some technical data of the beacon itself(Other usages like asset tracking, locating, etc.).
2, Display the advertising information on this website(Sent from the beacons).
    Set up their own algorithm to analyse these contents(Sent from the beacons).
3, The end users install an unique APP(Developed by advertisement provider) on their smart phones to receive those preset contents. Till now, the whole process of the advertisement would considered to be finished.
    Utilize the outcome of the algorithm to implement requested application.

It’s very simple right?

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