Can I Use Reset Pin Of FSC-BT630 As An IO ?

- Nov 23, 2019-

we decided that adding an extra sensor , is a must for our product.However with the addition of that sensor, now we have IO constraint. BT630 supports, 13 I/O only and we need 14. Design team was thinking to use RESET pin. But before we take a decision on it, just want to confirm from feasycom team below points

(1) RESET pin on BT630 (pin#6), is internally connected with RESET pin of nRF52

(2) There is no other hardware component from RESET pin of nRF52 to RESET pin of BT630 , and it's only a copper track

(3) RESET pin provided on BT630 , only, in case if you want to reset module as per the application need. 

Feasycom Answers:

Of course, you can use RESET pin