Can We Adjust The Tx Power Of Buetooth Module-FSC-BT630?

- Sep 27, 2020-

One customer test FSC-BT630 module recently, he asked:'' Can we adjust the Tx power of BT630 module? How is the bottom Tx power?

Because the customer would like to make it work around 5m distance and want to lower the Tx power.

Is it possible?

Feasycom Answer: 

It is possible, we have ready firmware which support adjust TX Power of the module.

The samples with firmware version:5.0.6 support adjust TX Power.

The samples with firmware version:5.0.6 support adjust TX Power.Please refer details as below:
1.Basic Info#define HCI_EXT_TX_POWER_MINUS_40_DBM -40
#define HCI_EXT_TX_POWER_0_DBM        0
#define HCI_EXT_TX_POWER_3_DBM        3

#define HCI_EXT_TX_POWER_4_DBM   4

2.AT CommandYou can send ''AT+TXPOWER=0'' to change the TX Power to 0DBM.

If you want set TX Power to -40, you can send  ''AT+TXPOWER=-40''.

For more details, please feel free to contact feasycom sales.