Can We Lower Down The Power Consumption Of FSC-BT826E? Turn Off Hid Mode To Save Power.

- Nov 28, 2020-

Recently, customer is testing FSC-BT826E for OBD application.

There came to a question ''can you give me FSC-BT826E current consumption information. Both BT Classic and BLE?''Can I disable Classic mode to save power?

Feasycom Answers:

FSC-BT826E does not support disable classic mode to save power.

The power consumption in working mode(VOD_3V3 at 3.3V)


BR/EDR Connection:22.4mA

LE Connection:17.9mA

BR/EDR Connection @115200bps: 23.4mA.

If the above power consumption is not the ideal choose for you. Maybe we can through turn off something to save the power consumption. But before this, we would like to confirm which function you need? Do you need HID in your application, can we turn off the HID?

Then customer said that they do not need hid, it can be turned off. we only need SPP+BLE in working mode.

Okay, once turn off HID, the power consumption of FSC-BT826E can reach like below.:

After the mobile phone is connected to the Bluetooth module, the module will no longer enter the low power consumption, with the power consumption around 15mA.If disconnected, the module will enter low power consumption after 10s, with power consumption of 5mA.

And in lower power consumption, it can be connected again via BLE.

The BLE advertise interval, we can increase it to 500ms in lower power mode. But the original firmware is150ms interval.So that we can keep the consumption as low as possible during idle/sleep mode.

Customer has another question, ''on BT826E firmware modification to reduce power, will the lower power mode affect range, for example in BLE?I wonder if the signal power is reduced during lower mode, it makes user can not find the device while stay at range.''

Of course not, please do not worry about it. It does not has any influence on working range.

Finally customer is agree with the proposal. Then we send upgrade firmware to customer. And we also provide mobile library for firmware upgrade, so that customer can integrate the OTA features to his app.

About power consumption issues about the bluetooth module of feasycom, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here provide support to you.