Changing The BT Properties Through Android App

- Apr 09, 2020-

Customer is developing his own app by using feasycom app named ''FeasyBlue''. He wants change the BT properties through Android App.

Below is requirement of customers

''Our objective is just to change the parameters of the device such as Baudrate, TP-Mode and issuing REBOOT command from the Android side(Android application currently we are developing) because once the BT module is in TP-Mode we don't have any control over the BT module from UART side, So as back up mechanism we need to handle some failure scenarios on the Android side.''

So if you can share simple step just to change Properties (Properties defining activity) or the detail execution flow on how the parameter will be changed in the given Android SDK it will be very helpful for us.

Feasycom Answers:

Please refer below operation step to develop your app.

  1. Connected to Bluetooth

   2. Send''$OpenFscAtEngine$''

   3. Waiting for respond''$OK,Opened$''

   4. Then you can feel free to send AT Command 

For more query, do not hesitate to turn to feasycom for help.