Comparison Of The Latest Bluetooth 5.2 LE Audio And Classic Audio

- Jan 16, 2020-

Bluetooth SIG has released the newest Bluetooth standard for audio playback: LE Audio. This breaks the market monopoly position of classic Bluetooth audio.

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Traditional Bluetooth audio transmission is point-to-point transmission through the classic Bluetooth A2DP protocol. Classic Bluetooth A2DP has limitations during transmission


1. Synchronous point-to-multipoint data distribution is not supported.

2. There is a large delay between the transmission of radio frequency signals, the encoding and decoding of data streams between SRC and SNK.

3. The audio data rate must be less than the bit rate of the Bluetooth connection.


SIG officially announced that the new BT5.2 standard supports multi-stream transmissions. Multi-Stream Audio will enable the transmission of multiple, independent, synchronized audio streams between an audio source device, such as a smartphone, and one or more audio sink devices.


LE Audio will include a new high-quality, low-power audio codec, the Low Complexity Communications Codec (LC3). Providing high quality even at low data rates, LC3 will bring tremendous flexibility to developers, allowing them to make better design tradeoffs between key product attributes such as audio quality and power consumption.

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Extensive listening tests have shown that LC3 will provide improvements in audio quality over the SBC codec included with Classic Audio, even at a 50% lower bit rate. Developers will be able to leverage this power savings to create products that can provide longer battery life or, in cases where current battery life is enough, reduce the form factor by using a smaller battery.


Broadcast Audio will allow an audio source device to broadcast one or more audio streams to an unlimited number of audio receiver devices simultaneously, and bring new experiences such as Bluetooth audio sharing, which can be personal or location-based.


Feasycom currently has classic audio, broadcast audio, and BLE data solutions, including CSR, Qualcomm, Nordic, and Ti series. We will follow up on the latest Bluetooth technology in time to provide you with the latest Bluetooth audio solutions.