CSR8675 Bluetooth Module 32Mbit External Flash For Earphone

- Aug 25, 2019-

If you are looking for CSR8675 bluetooth module for earphone .

And you may found that CSR8675 chipset with 16Mbit Flash ,you think this is not enough for your requirement.

And you prefer mounting an external 32Mbit FLASH.

Do you have this module ?

Of course .

FSC-BT806 can totally meet the requirement.

FSC-BT806 Main Features:

Bluetooth 5.0 dual mode

CSR 8670/8675 options 

Internal FLASH capacity:16Mbit flash


Module leave some space for add 32Mbit external flash .

Then you can adopt this FSC-BT806 directly ,we just need add 32Mbit external flash ,then you can use directly.


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