Dragon Boat Festival

- Jun 14, 2018-

In China, Dragon Boat Festival is coming. The festival called “Duanwu” in Chinese. In this day, people have many activities to celebration, like the Dragon-boat race, make rice dumplings and drinking realgar wine. In tradition, people have those activities to memory the a Patriotic Poet Qu Yuan.

Qu Yuan is the Minister of Chu in the Spring and Autumn Period. In 278 B.C., the Qin Army conquered the capital of Chu. Qu Yuan was heartbroken for his country was invasion of the motherland. In the fifth month of May, after writing the best book “Huai Sha”, the bouldering stone was cast and killed by Luo Jiang, writing with his own life.


Chu people wanted drive the fishes to protect Qu Yuan’s body, they made rice to fishes, and went boat to finding him. An old doctor took an altar of yellow wine and poured it into the river. He said that the medicine should be used to faint the dragon, so as not to harm Dr. Qu. That why in this day, we have the activities. The rice become rice dumpling, and we have dragon-boat race.

Would you want enjoy this festival?