Dual Mode BT Module For Automotive Electronics

- Jun 15, 2019-

FSC-BT826 dual mode spp ble module for automotive electronics .

It is a customer from israel,recently he just leave all work away ,come to our office.


Our bluetooth module work with their app,also add some customized requirement.

He has two solution and each solution requirement 2 pcs of bluetooth module .

Solution 1:

1. Master end ,it is a device with a MCU can processing data .

1*FSC-BT826E as master can pair with slave end bluetooth module

2.Slave end ,it is a sensor ,it will collect and send data to master end

  1*FSC-BT826E as slave ,it will send data via spp protocol


Solution 2:

2* FSC-BT826E module ,each module send different data .

The data can send to mobile app ,or send to car machine.