FAQ About BLE Module, Mesh Module, And Qualified Automotive Bluetooth Module

- May 26, 2020-

1 . Which BLE 5.0 module comes with built in MCU feature built in antenna
All the BLE modules FSC-BT616, FSC-BT616V, FSC-BT630, FSC-BT646, FSC-BT671, FSC-BT681, FSC-BT690 are with built in MCU feature.
With antenna:  FSC-BT616, FSC-BT616V, FSC-BT630, FSC-BT646
BLE 5.0 +antennas: FSC-BT616, FSC-BT616V, FSC-BT630. But BT646 is bluetooth 4.2, low cost+certification.

2.How can we configure this modules to read sensor data on I2C and process it
Most of our module use UART as a primary communication inteface.
I2C can also be supported, but need customization.

3.BW 101 and BW 121 is pin to pin ? Yes

4.BW101,112D,121 are qualified for automotive? No, and FSC-BT616V the chipset past AEC-Q100, the module not yet.

5.Is there any charges for firmware changes? This depends on requirement and what kind of changes it is.Customer always provide requirements first, then we will provide requirements to engineer for evaluation.

6.How does Feasycom position yourself in wireless BLE market? comparing competitor 
We have a wide range of products lines, from different chipset:nordic, TI, dialog, pan1020, silicon labs, airoha. Including 4.2, 5.0, 5.1 for low energy solution, high speed ble solution, multiple connections ble solution, ble mesh solution, and automotive grade solution ext. With antenna and without antenna, normal size and small and ultra-small size. low cost solution, certification module solution ext. we have what you need.

7.Any success stories in automotive customers?? r u supplying any automotive customers 
Yes, our modules already apply in the cars such as Toyota Fortuner/Wigo, ISUZU MUX/Dmax, Dongfeng Honda, DFSK FW05, Beiqi Foton BM2718, Chery 2019 CX62 ext.
And the modules are FSC-BW101, FSC-BT805B RF Module ext.

8.For BLE mesh based lighting products do you have any solution with AC/DC Driver design. Not yet.
For BLE mesh lighting application do module support RGB Lighting control. RGB need 3 different channels of PWM.Yes, module support RGB and multiple PWM.